Sidney Lacé has been attracted to drawing and painting, since his early days. At the beginning of his school years, his vocation was already manifest. In a rudimentary way, a little later in his life, although still young, he made some attempts at painting, even decorating formica furniture doors with oriental landscape motifs, for a company where he had a job, despite his main activity there being in the Personnel Department.

At that time, he was taught by an excellent Chilean painter, Héctor Zablach, when he became capable of making some reasonable works of art and other types of reproduction. It was a short period of time, but crucial in the process of refining sensitivity in painting and learning some new techniques, though the opportunity did not last long.

His professional background has always been linked to the legal area, markedly real estate law. He has worked in the field of real estate management over the past thrirty years. At no time did his professional activities cast any shadow over his main goal, which remained dormant for many years. He had always kept the target of devoting himself to painting, his greatest passion.

Lacé had drawing classes at Sociedade Brasileira de Belas Artes (enrolled in 1968), where he met great colleagues and masters, some of whom were also mates at Liceu de Artes e Ofícios, where he studied painting since 1967. There, his teacher and great supporter was Professor Laureate Flávio Berredo. It was a very fertile period for the arts in general, for we were submitted to many restrictions imposed by the dominating military regime, which bred, as a reaction, a feverish art movement in every quarter. It was a time when famous artists and great works appeared.

Due to personal and family needs, it was not possible to harmonize professional activity and art. This distance lasted about fifteen years, during which contact with palette and brushes was very rare.

By late 1987, early 1988, after an unexpected disease that hospitalized him, Lacé decided to resume his artistic activities, following the advice given by his wife, his great companion. Since he had been away for a long time, he looked for help with Master Álvaro Xavier, a great painter who had a boat studio in Ilha do Governador. They became great friends and Lacé could learn important teachings and secrets of painting. In the boat studio setting, he was able to be together with dedicted and creative artists, who also sought to develop their technique. Among those, it is worth mentioning Mario Teixeira and João Barcelos. With the latter, Lacé still keeps a dear friendship and learning exchange, besides profound admiration. This relationship was essential to the development of his plein-air painting. Experience exchange, criticism and support were very important. They paint together unitl today.

Still in the boat studio, he could teach painting, for about three years, in a free course, to several students, among whom some became award winners in many art exhibitions and painting meetings.

Another teacher was of great importance to him, as he did not refrain from criticizing Lac= E9's works. Namely, Dario Silva, noteworthy painter and teacher with Sociedade Brasileira de Belas Artes, who patiently welcomed him in his home to make comments and advise Lac=E9 on his paintings. This experience was indeed vital.

Lacé had the chance to exchange experience with other painters of great talent in art shows and painting meetings. The highlights are Alberto Nunes and Eduardo Carlson in a group of fifteen painters (famous ones as well as beginners). He is still connected with some members of this group, some passed away and others took a different direction. He is honored to keep in close contact with Fabio P. Barros and Samuel, with whom, for many years, he has made his paintings in trips to several sites in the city and to towns nearby.

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